January 2021

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June 2020

So Long 

So Long

Director: Jo Jo Lam

Producer: Guo Guo, Katherine May
PD: Eva Huang
Colorist: Vlad Barin @Cheat

Short | 35mm 3 perf | Panavision Ultra Speeds | United States

This past spring I had the opportunity to be part of Jo Jo Lam's Visual Essay So Long. Jo Jo is a 2020 Cinematography Fellow at AFI. You may view the film here. 

January 2020

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New Podcast Alert! 

Katherine, Xan and Lauren Churchwell introduce you to their new podcast Oscar Bait. A podcast where they watch the best picture winners and see if the academy got it right or wrong.  Each week they'll go through all the Oscar winning best picture films from 1928 ‘til now from their own perspectives as a movie buff, actor and film historian. These fems have grouped the winners into thematic categories to give y’all a new spin on tired old tropes.

So charge your airpods, pop some popcorn and settle in cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

December 2019

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You are cordially invited....

...to the Stahlbaum family's holiday party! Be transported back in time and step into a room alive with music and festive cheer. Enjoy this cheeky theatrical gathering with cocktails, costumes, and characters from The Nutcracker! Leave your shyness at the door with a drink (or three!), rummage through our costume pieces and be completely immersed into the classic holiday tale with a hilarious and booze-fueled twist. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself waltzing with the Sugar Plum Fairy and fencing alongside the Nutcracker - try to keep a straight face as the actors cast your friends in some of the lead roles. No acting or ballet experience required! Enjoy this Fête that'll leave you in fits of laughter, full of holiday spirit and quite possibly...a little tipsy!

October 2019

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Illustrated Apple
Cartoon Animal

Season Two Now Available! 

Streaming everywhere!

Take a listen!

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Savannah RC Podcast-2.jpeg

JULY 2019

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"[Mx.] Churchwell is excellent in [their] depiction of the sparkplug character...."

- Chris Daniels The Show Report

Alexandria as "Chick" in Crime of the Heart

"Crimes’ committed lavishly in Mesa!"

- Tom Titus LA Times