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What's Xan up to?

Below you'll find alll the projects Xan is working on and also the ones that are coming soon.

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Make It Gay! 
sometimes you just gotta make it gay 

Make it Gay is a podcast where two queer and trans people are sick of the “straight agenda” and decide to take matters into their own gay hands. Through conversation, playful banter, explosive debates and sometimes exclusive interviews, Eliana and Xan explore what it really means to take the straightest story arcs and characters and make them gay!

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Farm Field

Honey & Milk

Honey & Milk chronicles Alice and Grayson’s final days as a couple before Grayson (gray-son: a "son" living in the gray areas) embarks on life anew as a womxn, leaving Alice to grieve the loss of her partner & soulmate.

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Farm Field
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